James Milner have Intensity, Which Liverpool Need for Run-In

From his regular role of midfield, James Milner now moved to the full-back. The experience and attitude of this veteran player are significant in attack as well as in defense.

These players have been made for game and nights like this one, and now Jürgen Klopp also realizes the same. James Milner is now 33, but the enthusiasm and desire of this midfield typify what Klopp wants to see in his players. The suspension of Andy Robertson would most probably save the manager worrying about whether or not this veteran midfielder should play in the game.

At left back, Milner was all straight in spite of the fact he has replied to role additional up in this season, and the measure of the confidence of Klopp was that Alberto Moreno did not even make the alternate bench as the cover of insurance. No matter that Otávio and Jesús Corona seem as tricky attacking the combination on the right flank, the trust of Klopp was on a blend of upfield pressing of Liverpool and the feistiest competitor. It looks like both worked well enough.

James comes with experience and attitude and showed the latter on the first attack of Porto when he drifted cleverly in from the wing to capture a cross of Alex Telles from the left direction that would if not have found the penalty area for Liverpool unmanned.

After a few minutes, again Milner sets up an opening goal all casually, apparently present in the center circle for tidying up a baggy ball that had escaped Fabinho, but successfully turned a situation that was nothing into a perilous attack. The whole match was full of such goals and Milner contribution was amazing all through. Once again, he has proved that lots of potentials are still left in him.