Ray Wilkins opines that Premier League side Liverpool must buy players if they want to remain competitive next term.

He advised manager Jurgen Klopp to get talented players that fit right into their roles ahead of their Champions League show next term.

Alberto Moreno started in left back role but after poor performances, he was dropped and James Milner took over. Wilkins said Milner did well in an unfamiliar role but asked that the star be returned to the wide role or the midfield.

Wilkins says the player must be replaced is Liverpol want to perform well in the league and on the continent.

“James has been brilliant on a free, let’s not kid ourselves. But I’ll say it again and people will hate me for saying it, if you’re going to win the Premiership, you need a better class, younger, than poor old James,” Wilkins said.

He asked how Milner would function effectively in that role against top sides like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and others.

Milner played 40 games in all competitions this term, scoring seven goals. He helped Liverpool to a top four finish ahead of Arsenal in the final run to secure Champions League football.

Most of the planned purchases for Klopp have not gone his way so far but he is keen on adding more players to the ranks as he says more is not a problem.