James Milner And His Skills

James Milner is one of those players who had been pursued by illustrious clubs like Arsenal.

Last season the club had pursued the player though at the end they allowed Liverpool to take him over. This time they might be reviewing their decision and whether they should have pursued the case more diligently. Indeed the England midfielder could become an asset to any team that he joins up. He is considered one of the top players of England and Arsenal would definitely have benefited from him being part of the team. Arsenal has been waiting to win a major title and the drought of winning titles at the Premier League is definitely giving this team food for thought.

In that context they need to review the kind of players they have on board and those who can help close the gap for the club to win titles. With a new season, having started, Arsenal definitely needs to pay close attention to the kind of players who are lined up. For instance, the club definitely has not seen success due to the lack of determination, leadership skills as well as fighting spirit.

That was also evident in the players who went to play for England in the Euro Cup. Indeed, the tournament was a failure of the Arsenal players as well. James Milner on the other hand, has had a good playing record. He has provided ten assists as well as five goals for his team last year. That would have definitely been a good performance of the team and if he had joined Arsenal, it would have been good for the team. As it is evident, the team needs motivated players to infuse a new competitive spirit in the team so that the new season performances are better.